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Anymany is a service that allows you to easily request laser engraving on the internet from anywhere in Japan. We use a laser cutter to engrave your design on a material of your choice (wood, acrylic, rubber etc.) before delivering it directly to you. We can precisely cut and engrave even the most detailed and complicated designs. We don’t use molds, meaning that you can easily request engraving simply by sending us Adobe Illustrator data. We are supporting people all over the country make their own unique products.

Just send your AI data!

Just send your AI data!

We will recreate your Illustrator design data with a high precision laser cutter. We also offertemplates to make it easier for you to create designs.
(MAX size 400×700mm)

Just one piece.

Order from just one piece

We don’t use molds, and manufacture directly from the data, allowing us to process even small lots for an affordable price. Why not get started by requesting a small sample!

Get quote by request form

Get quote by request form

You can easily request a pricing quote with our request form Just select your preferred materials and size, and send us your AI data, and we will respond with an estimate right away. You can then pay with credit card to proceed with your order.

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How to order Simple order from your design

your design

Make your design data

Depending on your preferred processing type (cutting or engraving), you can change the colors of the lines and surfaces. Download our AI template to learn more!

Download AI design template

your material

Choose your material

We have a wide variety of materials and colors on offer, such as wood and acrylic etc. Check and see if we offer your preferred material below.

Go material price

request form

Send request form

Attach your AI data to the below form and fill out the necessary details before sending it to us.

Go form

by credit card

Pay by credit card

After you send the request form, we will send you an estimate and the payment link. After completing your payment, all you need to do is wait for delivery!
(We only accept payment by credit card)

Price Simple fee structure

Basic charge

This is the price for each type of design data. When requesting multiple sets of the same design data, you can use the basic pricing for the design data.

Material fee

We offer a wide variety of materials such as wood and acrylic.

Go material price

Cutting fee
JPY1,000 per 10minutes

The amount of time required differs depending on whether you are requesting cutting or engraving.

Go cutting time sample

Shipping fee

All finished products that fit into an A4 box of up to 3cm in thickness can be sent anywhere in Japan for just 500 yen. We will provide a shipping estimate for larger products. Free shipping is available for orders over 10,000 yen.

Materials Choose your material

Example References of cutting time & prices

example 1

MDF simple shape cut

When cutting a simple shape with 300mm square on MDF of T4mm.


MDF simple shape cut

example 2

Acrylic dice box

When cutting the sides of a dice that can be cut up and pieced together as below on T5mm acrylic.


Acrylic dice box

example 3

Rubber stamp

When engraving a shape with 50mm square on a rubber stamp of T5mm.


Illustration rubber stamp

example 4

Wooden coasters

When cutting 9 coasters with 80mm square out of T4mm plywood, and engraving a pattern in them.


9 sets of wooden coasters

Voices Customer reviews

Perfect for producing prototypes or test products

High precision laser processing

I have used Anymany several times to make signs for my events and store. Their high quality precision engraving on wooden or acrylic panels allows me to create signs that bring about a warm atmosphere, and I can also create signs with a sense of high quality. I love that they promptly respond when I want to make additions to my signs.

Graphic designer HITOMI SATO

Perfect even for Illustrator beginners

Perfect even for Illustrator beginners

When I created my coffee brand “Cobolabo Coffee”, I couldn’t afford to spend a large amount of money, and so decided to use Anymany to gradually create a range of packages, original goods and logo stamps. I wasn’t familiar with Illustrator, but they offered clear instructions on how to make the data, so I was able to request engraving without hassle.

Small business coboabo coffee YUJI KOBAYASHI

Perfect for producing prototypes or test products

Perfect for producing prototypes or test products

I often design furniture, utensils and household items, and I always use Anymany when I want to produce them with a laser cutter. They accept orders for small lots, allowing me to send them a number of different designs and have them made to compare. They also allow me to have my logo engraved.


Easy to show a hand made touch

Easy to show a hand made touch

I create art that features lines and silhouettes that appear as drawings. Most of the time I create my art by cutting paper by hand, but when I want to create a certain number of pieces at once, I use Anymany and have them laser cut. While the products are created from digital data, the data is created from handwritten lines, which allows extremely complicated “living lines” to be recreated by the laser.


Perfect to create delicate parts that cannot be created by hand

Perfect to create delicate parts that cannot be created by hand

I often use Anymany to process acrylic panels to create accessories and goods. Engraving an acrylic panel with a laser allows for shadows to form that create a beautiful illusion, and it is possible to create delicately detailed parts that cannot be done by hand. It is also very easy, as all you need to do is choose the material and send them the AI data.

Jewelry designer SAYAKO TACHI

Order / Contact Request quote・Inquiries


    Inquiries* Request quoteInquiries
    Choose material
    (Material type / Color / Thickness / Size / Number)
    Upload data
    (Ai file, jpg, png, svg)

    *Data size is up to each 8MB.
    *Please be sure to use AI design template when you make your design.
    *If it exceeds each 8MB, Please upload it online storage and fill in the URL on the message.
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    Our name, Anymany was made by combining the words Any and Many. In addition to the words’ English meanings, “Any” sounds like the Japanese phrase “in a picture” and “Many” sounds like the Japanese phrase “in the eye”, and so together our name means “Recreating ideas painted in a picture in a form that you can see with your eyes”. Our goal is to encourage individual creativity by allowing people easier access to high performance digital machines. We started as a digital machine workshop that anyone could use in “FabLabo Hataka” in June 2018. Crossing the limits between fields, we work with creators across Japan to encourage their new creations. Feel free to ask us about digital machines, design, materials or anything else.


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